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Project Description

Teak Integrated Campaign

The content marketing campaign developed and executed by Lisa helped my company reach thousands of qualified potential clients. In a year-long focus on building our brand recognition and targeting sustainable and responsible businesses, Lisa wrote content, designed graphics, created a number of downloadable guides, advanced our website’s SEO, improved our social media presence, created the best technological solutions for our unique needs, and taught my team about the process all along the way. She managed the smallest details, like list creation, as well as overarching issues, including following trends that were important to my company and its work in sustainable business. She helped our company host a number of webinars and a live event, edited video, and helped us promote all of our work through multiple channels. Lisa truly went the extra mile (again and again) to serve and to provide value to my company. I highly recommend her as a wise, thoughtful, and talented content marketing guru and overall marketing resource for businesses and teams.

Jackie Herskovitz Russell, Founder & President, Teak Media + Communication

About My Work

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